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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Apr 22, 2014 12:30pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: An Old Question: When Did You Know?;feature=player_detailpage

First song of my first show, 3 weeks after Lennon's murder; Please don't murder me...

I took a BIG dose in the parking lot before the show. My mind had fully left body for the acoustic set, I didn't recognize a single song until they got to ChinaCat in the middle of the second set...but that didn't matter as I was ALL IN halfway through Alabama. Never looked back after that. Watched jaw agape as folks jumped out of their skin at midnight. I remember looking up and seeing the silhouettes of the people dancing in the doorways - the whole place was just going nuts! Went for a walk through the hallways, just dripping with psychedelic energy. Greatest feeling I ever had. I was 19 at the time and had been experimenting with doses and other psychedelics for a bit, so they lead me to the Dead instead of the other way around - I was in search of the trippiest thing - and I found it. It all seemed like a dream I dreamt one afternoon long ago.

Few other points in my life stand out with such a turn on a dime moment. Felt like I got struck by a lightning bolt or shot out of a cannon. Kick started my life. The bums didn't play another Bay Area show until September that year, so I had to wait. By '82 I wasn't gonna wait around for Bay Area shows and hit the road.

My one year anniversary was one for the ages.;feature=player_detailpage

Saw 200 shows from then until 1995. Other shows were "better", but none had the impact of that first one.

Deadhead from the word drop.